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Рекомендуется разработка технологии хранения овощей и фруктов и холодильник с модифицированной газовой средой December 16,2021.

Atmospheric preservation, as the name implies, is the use of controlled gas ratios to achieve the purpose of storage preservation. The basic principle is that in a certain closed system, the gas is adjusted in a variety of ways to obtain a gas different from the normal atmospheric components, which inhibits the physiological and biochemical processes and microbial activities that lead to food spoilage.

The preservation and processing of fruits and vegetables is the "second economy" of agricultural production. Developed industrial countries place post-harvest storage and processing at the forefront of agriculture, with 30% of the total investment in agriculture in the United States going to pre-harvest and 70% to post-harvest. China is a major producer of agricultural products, with the world's largest production of fruits and vegetables. However, China pays more attention to pre-harvest processing of fruits and vegetables, and often pays less attention to post-harvest processing, resulting in a much higher rate of rot loss (20% to 30%) than in developed countries (less than 5%). According to statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, about 200 million tons of fruits and vegetables are "forced" to go to waste every year in China. Food is the cornerstone of a country's development, so saving food is especially important.

The main factors affecting the effect of freshness of fruits and vegetables
1, the impact of microorganisms
2, the influence of storage temperature, humidity
3, the impact of gas composition (oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, etc.)

GBPI GQ-300modified atmosphere refrigerator

хранение в контролируемой атмосфере

GBPI's Controlled Atmosphere Analyzersis mainly used in the market for various fruits, vegetables, flowers, seedlings and other storage and preservation tests, through microelectronics technology to automatically control the concentration of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, ethylene in the box, as well as control the temperature and humidity conditions to achieve the preservation effect, is the ideal equipment indispensable for microbiology, environmental protection, food production and education and research units. The main application of gas preservation technology is to analyze the current problems of gas preservation technology for fruits and vegetables, with a view to providing more options for gas preservation methods, while providing reference for the further development of fruit and vegetable storage and preservation technology.
Instrument features

1, three test cavities work independently; each cavity has independent temperature, humidity, the flow and concentration of various gases, ethylene removal device, lighting system, sterilization system, drainage system
2, built-in microcomputer system, automatic control, automatic data processing
3, 10-inch color touch screen, you can set the parameters of each cavity and control the operation; real-time display of detailed data and work status
4、Built-in ozone sterilization, manual button for sterilization, sterilization time can be set
5, built-in ethylene catalytic method to remove the device and gas replacement pump to control the concentration of ethylene, degas fast
6、Original imported high-precision sensor, detecting various gas concentrations, ethylene concentration
7, high-precision flow controller, resolution up to 1mL / min
8、Temperature control: quartz tube heating, scroll compressor cooling, stable performance, low noise; PID algorithm with solid state relay control, no hard mechanical contacts, long service life, even heating, constant temperature
Over-temperature automatic protection: when the over-current, overload fuse, automatic alarm prompt
9, adjustable height of the shelf inside the box, organic glass double vacuum door, you can review the internal situation at any time without affecting the environment inside the box

Теперь мы показываем, что хранилища с контролируемой атмосферой обновлены до третьего поколения технологий и получают очень хорошие отзывы от пользователей рынка.

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